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Automatically Cached Rake Routes and Annotated Models

14 Dec 2011

If you've been frustrated by the slow rake routes execution time, here's a fix for you.

AutoHyde 0.1.1 Released

10 Dec 2010

If you were looking for an easy way to rebuild your Jekyll site after a push to GitHub, here it is.

Node.js: Socket.IO and Buffer quirks

09 Dec 2010

Discussion of a couple oddities I ran into with Socket.IO and the Node Buffer object that took me a while to solve.

MiniTest Events

05 Dec 2010

A simple event system for MiniTest to make reporting plugins easier to implement.

MiniTest ProgressBar

19 Nov 2010

A Fuubar inspired extension for MiniTest to provide a progress bar, coloring, and instafail.

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